Airbox at BAPCO Show

Airbox at BAPCO Show 2024: Shaping the Future of Response

09 February 2024

The world of emergency response never sleeps, and is ever changing. However, one thing is consistent: the need to quickly and effectively manage situations to deliver the best outcome. 

Airbox is the solution in this complex world, guiding responders and operatives through the fog of uncertainty to clear, decisive action by offering a groundbreaking Multi-Agency Operating Picture. An unparalleled solution where collaboration and clarity intersect to ensure everyone has one single view of the truth leading to better outcomes for all. Our participation in the BAPCO Show 2024, the UK's leading event for public safety communications technologies, reinforces our commitment to making the world a safer place through our vision for a multi-agency network.

Discover Airbox at Stand E12

Join us at our stand to explore how our technology facilitates more effective responses. Our technology is the silent guardian in high-stakes environments, from emergency services to high-risk workplaces, ensuring informed decisions, unified responses, and precise actions. Join us to see how we can transform your operational capabilities with clarity, collaboration, and care. 

Everything we do is designed to support your desired mission outcome. Our technology mirrors your need to be agile, flexible, responsive and empowers you to do your job well. We help keep people safe, reduce risk and save lives. 

Pre-Book Your Exclusive 1-on-1 Expert Session

This is your unique opportunity for a tour of our technology with our experts. Learn how our solutions can be tailored to your specific challenges. Slots are limited, so reserve your session now by emailing to explore our innovative approach to public safety.

Why Airbox? 

  • Authenticity and Commitment: Our promise is deeply rooted in the vision of a safer future, characterised by genuine concern, steadfast quality, and a sincere dedication to the well-being of communities we serve.
  • Innovative Solutions: Architects of the Multi-Agency Operating Picture, we ensure every decision is informed and every action precise.
  • Global Impact: Designed for all levels of command, with powerful offline capabilities and a global reach, Airbox is about delivering more than just technology - we deliver peace of mind.

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We look forward to meeting you!