NFCC Emerging Technologies Event
05 - 06 July 2022 location_onVoco St Johns Hotel Solihull

Bringing Fire Service staff and Industry together to identify and engage on future needs and how technology and innovation can help provide solutions.  This event will focus on Fire Safety with other events later in the year focusing on different areas. 

Over the two days we will explore the issues and future challenges facing the Fire sector and have an engaging conversation with Industry about how innovative products can help provide solutions.  The programme will be a mix of presentations from FRS leaders and industry with plenty of time for engaging networking and conversation. 

As described above this event will focus on fire safety exploring both the built environment and people and firefighter safety.  The event will see a number of FRS Fire Safety Experts talking about some of the new known risks that face us for example the increase in Electric Vehicles and Lithium Ion Batteries etc which will allow us to explore jointly with industry as a sector what solutions might look like to help with these risks. 

We will also feature a session on Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 which details requirements for the exchange of fire safety information between Responsible Persons and Fire and Rescue Services. This session will explore how duty holders and Software as a Solution (SaaS) providers are supporting these new requirements ahead of them coming into force in January 2023. This will also involve looking ahead to the increased requirements for information exchange forming part of the secondary legislation that accompanies the Building Safety Act. In particular the Golden Thread of information. Presenters will include representatives from housing providers and software companies.

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