BAPCO - William Moore, CEO
08 - 08 February 2022 location_onBAPCO, Ricoh Arena, Coventry

The theory of interoperability runs through all aspects of the emergency services. Realising the importance of interoperability inspired the team at Airbox to create a system ready for such multi-agency situations. Airbox has always believed in the safety and operational benefits of such information sharing and has made them central to our philosophy.

During 2021 this really came to the fore, with our direct support of numerous multi-agency events, including the G7 Summit. In addition to connecting multiple agencies, we were also able to connect the air and ground picture together.  The power of this can be seen in many domains, but we would highlight particularly search and rescue and the real-time response to criminal activity. It is the capability of the product that allows those in the field to communicate succinctly, coordinate successfully and enable the joint understanding of risk.

What does the future look like?

William Moore will discuss situational awareness as a tool to be used crossing traditional agency geographic and organisational boundaries to enable quick reactions and shared working in the most complex of situations. He will also talk about how Airbox’ Product Team enable a close working  relationship between client and product development, ensuring that the product delivers what is needed in these situations.

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